Give and Take

-Kevin Christensen

never met a woman
who likes to fuck
they always lay there
feet and hands reaching
and I think
what do you want from me
not your guy
I get sad
Like a thief
who steals lunch money and game tokens I
never use AC when I’m driving
put on another jacket in the Winter
met this one woman
who liked to fuck
She liked thin
lanky fellas
and her thighs
could have crushed my head
We talked in some back patio
for a couple hours
She talked about her son
who was 12
and just started to masturbate
She was beautiful
and her soul kept her lively
She liked to fuck
because she knew
how to take a cock in her mouth
and suck until it gives freely
without thinking or hesitation
Because she knew
that when you give
there’s no need to take

never sucked me up though
couldn’t work up the courage to call her 

My birthday was just another day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just spent time with myself going to all my favorite little corners of the city, getting a beer here or there, finding some lunch. It wasn’t particularly eventful, but I get sentimental about the places I frequent and I think they start to miss me sometimes. So it was nice visiting old spots and saying Hi to the trees and benches.
The poetry I write is a photograph of the scenes around me. I find everyday occurrences to be beautifully complex and revealing. Being a human myself, I’ve noticed I filter the world so that I can experience it in a way I desire. As I grow older, I’m noticing we all have filters over the world and that they are all different! I believe that how we filter the world corresponds with our experience and how we interact with the world. I truly desire to relate to and understand what motivates people, and I believe if I can illustrate through poetry how people filter and respond to the world then maybe we can begin to better understand and relate to each other.
— Kevin Christensen