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For six issues now, Ornery Quarterly has been a cozy home to quibblers, contrarians, dyspeptic drunks, perverted librarians, and a whole slew of curmudgeonly grunts. 

Here we have some made up stories,

Take a gander at the lascivious side of life, explore some angry, pathetic people, and delve deep into a variety of stupid thoughts and ideas.

Near the Lake

- Abbi Bloom

Gas Station Rock 'n' Roll

- Clayton White

The Cameraman

- Patrick Kilcullen


Lamb of God

- Nick Matsas


Mr. Nick Matsas took a pilgrimage last year to the musty island where his ancestors were born of oily earth, grew strong on feta, and perfected the lie. While he was there, the girlfriend of one of his cousins was caught in the shade with another man—an unforgivable sin. Lucky Mr. Matsas was allowed to witness the ritualistic punishment that ensued. "I wanted to leave my camera out of it, but when I saw the calm on that beautiful young girl's face, crossing the road to certain death, I knew this was something the world needed to see."

Some editors don't understand poetry. We have one-and-a-half who do.


All the Women in Wisconsin

 - P. G. Roman

Live Bait - Midlife Crisis

- John Sherman


- P. G. Roman

Their Son

- Poggy Sunders

Meditation on Contemporary Home Décor

- P.G. Roman

Whining & Opining

Here let us crawl out of our sodden holes to comment on what cultural discharge the hoi polloi confused with birth while we were making love in Gin River.

Beautiful People Playing Beautiful Music

A review of The Walters by E. Danielsson