In this fleshy-headed issue we explore some veritable bullshit.

We all wanted something more than this, but as much as we crave astonishing literature, we continue to rebuke the truths concerning our fleshy-headedness. Often times, someone else has to explain that another person is hungry for something. How many times have you heard “feed lad, he shy” whispered from a bubbly silhouette in a dark corner? The following words come to all of our dismay. They describe not only what it means to be fleshy headed, but also the niceties of how fleshy-headed we all sincerely are.

The paragraph above is what happens when you allow a poetry editor free reign to blabber in a lit mag (our fiction editor has trouble spelling). We hope you enjoy this fleshy-headed issue of Ornery Quarterly.

Not the usual crybaby stuff. The poetry in this issue reaches for a more “cry-adult” aura. Mind the references. Let the rest sink into your flesh.


- Hannah Loeb 

Having Work Done

- Hannah Loeb

Man Is . . . the Only Animal

- Yuan Changming

The Day She Landed in Jail, as told by Cousin Donna

- Susan Evans

****Poetry Title Contest Winner****

Melting Faces Behind Bars and Booby traps

- Jasmine Carter

Jasmine submitted our favorite prompt for the title contest. This poem has not been written yet! Eager wordsmiths lend your attention to the details for this opportunity: The poem must consist of two (2) stanzas. The first stanza must be four (4) lines that address “melting faces behind bars” and the second stanza must only be three (3) lines that connect “booby traps” to the content of the prior stanza. Booby traps cannot surface until the second stanza. We are mildly excited to see the sparks emit from your impending submissions!

Some made up stories for those of us too weak to embrace the real world.


A Date

- Ewa Mazierska

The Hamster Wheel

- Richard Risemberg

Marvin meebs and the Empty Mirror

- Lisi Breen

*****Fleshy Headed Contest Winner****

My Opossum

- Josiah Dreyer

As winner of this issue’s fleshy headed contest, Josiah was awarded the luxury of choosing the phrase to be used for Issue 9’s contest. “Living with dynamite” is what he gave us. Wanna put your neck on the line and enter the Issue 9 contest? All you have to do is write a short story (~1,000 words or less) in which you include the phrase “living with dynamite.” If we decide your use of the phrase is best, or worst (we won’t tell you), you get the dignified opportunity of coming up with a phrase to be used in the contest for Issue 10, which we will use no matter how much we hate it.

The least real section of this issue.

On The Internet

- A. Poltroon


Editor’s note: Some of you may have heard rumor of internal conflict within the greater Ornery Family. We advise you not to be such credulous fools, but to address your inquisitive emails, “yes.” We will continue to ignore such emails. Submissions and donations only, please.Things are nonetheless moving more swimmingly than ever.