The poetry contest for issue number eight

Contest, come none, come all. We are in search of a title for an unwritten poem. The title should be made up of two random topics with no obvious relation. This is a sequential contest, so the winning title will be featured in our next issue as the prompt for yearning writers to submit a poem under. Once selected, the title will be announced and the guidelines for the poem to be written will be unveiled. Entrants across the world will compete to write the most compelling poem for the victorious title of this contest. If your title is chosen, you get to write a poem for it that will be published alongside the future winner in issue nine. Please put “Title Contest:” at the beginning of the subject line in your submission to This contest is free to enter and is limited to one submission per entrant. You may include up to three (3) titles in your submission. DEADLINE: December 31st, 2018.

The title of our next issue is Fleshy-headed. The theme for our next issue is Fleshy-headed.

Details, once more:

-Entrants should submit a title composed of two topics with no obvious relation (Example: A Can of Tuna and a Lost Tooth)

-The winning title will be the prompt for the poetry contest in our ninth issue.

-The poetic form and structure for that contest will be released after issue eight hits the presses.

-The author of the winning title will also have the privilege of their own poem being published alongside the contest winner for issue nine.

-Each submission may contain up to three (3) titles. One submission per person, please.